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Having all this in mind and considering that registration is not mandatory, but rather on a voluntary basis, it remains to be seen whether this new facility will be increasingly used by non-resident entities and their resident associates, or whether the VAT burden will remain with the domestic recipients of goods and services.

Before you try working in a country that still imposes restrictions, you should seek information on the applicable procedures.Although the concept of tax representatives for non-residents existed in previous versions of the VAT Law, the latest amendments to the Act, adopted in October 2015, define conditions that VAT representatives should fulfill.It also allows non-residents providing goods and services in the Republic of Serbia to register for VAT via a proxy. ive been through lots of thing break ups depression losing people in any way im here to help Welcome to my profile, I'm James, a long time hypnotherapist, and also a volunteer here on 7cups, What is a hypnotherapist? ) trained active listener and I like to support people.Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy helps those individuals who are interested in maximizing control over their mental and physical well-being to create wellness in all aspects of life. If I am online, then please feel free to start a chat. If so, bear in mind that your application for a work permit might be refused.


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